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Friday, December 19, 2014

@CashSainiMusic - We The North feat. AmanD @DesiRapDaGunda | @DesiHipHop

Cash Saini - We The North feat. Aman D DesiRapDaGunda |
Cash Saini - We The North feat Aman D (Music Video) - desi unit - desi hiphop is Exclusively presenting Cash Saini Featuring Aman-D with a brand new song "We The North". These homies from the big town Mohali got lot to say about how they represent their culture and North Side.

Cash Saini - We The North feat Aman D (Music Video) - desiunit - desi hiphopCash Saini, grew up in the streets of Mohali. He was heavily influenced by rap music during his early teenage, after studying this form of music he decided to start recording his own songs at the age of 18, motivated by the aim of making big in the Indian Underground rap scene, Cash Saini tries to keep some message in his music and likes to rap about what he sees in his day to day life. Aman-D, grew up in Dubai gained fame in the underground rap scene their, with time Aman decided to learn production and started producing his own songs, After moving back to his motherland Punjab , he met Cash Saini and they started working as a team since then!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

@SunnyBoy206 - #SkinnyJeans (Official #Trailer) @HajiSpringer @DesiHipHop @TheHipHopORG

SunnyBoy - Skinny Jeans (Official Trailer) Prod. by Haji Springer -
SunnyBoy - Skinny Jeans (Official Trailer) Prod. by Haji Springer - DesiHipHop - DesiUnit

Prez Entertainment, & presents...

"Skinny Jeans" - SunnyBoy. Produced by Haji Springer

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Sunnyboy, an urban punjabi singer/rapper, is coming out with his first single ‘Skinny Jeans’. The artist was born in New York and raised in Washington, and he developed his passion for music at a early age of 10 years old. In 2013, Sunnyboy recorded his first song, ‘Sajjna’, featuring Bhinda Aujla which later featured on PTC and MH1 and other punjabi channels in 2014. Belonging to a Punjabi (Sikh) family, Sunnyboy says his “main motivation is seeing the happiness on my parents face. I’m the first person in my whole family to ever be aired on TV.” Sunnyboy was inspired by a lot of the urban punjabi rappers.

Now, he’s back with a bang with a fresh new track recorded & produced by Haji Springer. This will surely be an interesting song to look out for. Remember the release date – Nov 28th, and for now, enjoy the trailer above.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

That #Feeling in our #Childhood

That feeling in our childhood

Sunday, August 31, 2014

AJ Bhargava - MATHS (Official #MusicVideo) -

AJ Bhargava - MATHS (Official Music Video)
Maths - aj bhargava (official Music Video) - desi unit - desiunit - desi hip hop - the hiphop proudly presents AJ BHARGAVA's latest music video "MATHS"

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This artist from Jaipur is a self-taught musician – the type of musician that I admire most. He enjoys composing, producing, rapping, and pretty much everything related to music & especially Hip Hop. Inspired by the likes of Bohemia, Eminem, and Raftaar, AJ Bhargava is about to bring a new style of sizzle into the industry that we’ve all been looking forward to. When asked about his stage name and how he came up with it, AJ said, “The name AJ comes from the hindi word “ajj” meaning ‘today’… and that’s why I’m AJ – “ajj ka shayar”!

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Friday, August 01, 2014

Pak-Man - Lyrical Warfare (Music Video) @DesiHipHop

Pak-Man - Lyrical Warfare (Music Video) &  DJ Green Lantern
Pak-Man - Lyrical Warfare (Music Video) - DesiHipHop - DJ Green Lantern - desi unit - desi hip hop - desi hiphop

Pak-Man's official music video for "Lyrical Warfare"
Brought to you by and DJ Green Lantern

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DJ Green Lantern
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